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Babolat Custom Damp ...
Babolat Custom Damp ...

Babolat Custom Damp

1.790,- Ft
Babolat Cosmic Damp (2pcs) ...
Fun-style dampener that reduces string bed vibrations.

Babolat Cosmic Damp (2pcs)

1.290,- Ft
Babolat IG System ...
The IG System (inside gel) dampener offers excellent comfort and shock absorption.

Babolat IG System

1.790,- Ft
Babolat Loony Damp (per pc) ...
Reduces racket and string vibration caused by ball impact.

Babolat Loony Damp (per pc)

660,- Ft
Babolat RVS ...
Fixed to the racket frame, the Babolat RVS is the only vibration dampener to reduce both vibrations in the strings and frame.

Babolat RVS

1.690,- Ft
Babolat Sonic Damp ...
Silicon based compound for increased dampening, with a hollow center that whistles as your racket cuts through the wind.

Babolat Sonic Damp

1.190,- Ft
Babolat Babolat Vibrakill ...
Shock absorbing device made of silicone developed and patented by Babolat.

Babolat Babolat Vibrakill

1.790,- Ft